3 must see museums in Amsterdam when with children

Must see museums must see museums

Are you going to Amsterdam with children? Then it can get quite boring for children when they have to visit a lot of museums for grownups. It can be a challenge to keep kids entertained! Be sure to also visit a few must see museums that are made for children. We’ve selected the top 3 for you to go to.


NEMO museum is the most popular one in Amsterdam for children. Every child from Amsterdam has been there and learned about physics. This is an educative and interactive museum. The whole museum is meant to entertain and learn children about the world. They can play games, it’s all build at their height and they are aloud to run around.

Artis Zoo

Children and grownups are always a fan of the zoo. This one in the East of the city is very nice to visit. The zoo is very old, it was there many years ago already. They have a big collection of animals. You get to see them all! And when you want to relax a bit or eat lunch, you can do so in the museum next to the zoo. This place is renovated a few years ago so it’s all quite new and the food is very good. Once you’re there it still feels as if you’re in the zoo!

Children’s farm in Westerpark

Take a break from the city and visit the children’s farm in Westerpark. This is a very nice area where children can pet some animals, such as horses, donkeys and rabbits! This is a very special place as there are not a lot of tourists visiting this place. It’s nice to go there on a Saturday morning.

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