4 tips for New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

With Christmas in Holland? Read our tips for New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam

Celebration Christmas and the New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam simply is at outstanding idea. Amsterdam Hostel Uptown wishes everyone to have great celebrations. Especially when it comes to New Year’s Eve there is some things to take into account. That’s why on this page we give you some tips for New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam.


Book your accommodation as early as possible

Amsterdam is a popular city. Especially when it comes to parties. The New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam is one of those occasions many tourist want to experience at least once. Are you planning to do so this year? Then make sure to book your accommodation as much in advance as possible. In case you still need a place to stay, do not hesitate to contact Amsterdam Hostel Uptown and ask if there is still space in one of our comfortable rooms.

Buy your party tickets for New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam in time

Also when it comes to your actual party plans, a good preparation is recommended. A lot of bars and discotheques celebrate special events for New Year’s Eve. That means they sell a limited number of tickets for these events. Especially if you wish to go to one of the famous nightlife establishments, you can not buy your tickets soon enough. In the other hand, you can choose to celebrate the new year at one of the city squares as well. Celebrating at a big square means live music, fireworks and no entrance fees. Just make sure that you’ll be there in time at the 31st of December.

Watch out for fireworks

The just mentioned advantage about fireworks, unfortunately is a disadvantage as well. The Dutch really like fireworks. Nothing wrong with that, but things sometimes go wrong when people use fireworks during or after drinking alcohol. Illegal fireworks play a big role in accidents as well. Our advise is to be careful and to avoid people who are playing with fireworks being not sober.

Make a transportation plan

The last one of our tips is about transportation. Almost everybody in Amsterdam is free to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. The employees of the public transport as well. That means from 8.00 pm there are almost no buses, trams and subways driving anymore. This requires a good strategy. To begin with: make sure by that time you are close to the place where you want to spend the night. Furthermore it’s recommendable to book your accommodation in the same neighborhood. If not, probably you will have to find and take an expensive taxi back to your accommodation at night.