Hotspots in Amsterdam in the Summer when it’s hot

Hotspots in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has loads of hotspots. Hotspots in Amsterdam are on every corner, especially in the city center. You can do activities all year long, for example visit museums, see the red light district or go to some nice restaurants to have lunch or dinner. But what to do when it’s hot? We’ve listed the hotspots in Amsterdam where you can go to if the temperature rises.

Do a boat tour on the canals

One of the best ways to escape the heat a bit, is to do a boat tour through the canals of Amsterdam. You’re on the water, you get a nice view of the city and being surrounded by water feels refreshing. Some boats do have airconditiong on board, so check this before you get on a boat. There are a lot of operators active in the citycenter!

Visit the beach

Does Amsterdam have a beach? Oh, yes! It’s not a beach at open sea, but you do get that feeling. There are two beaches where you can go to. You can visit Ijburg. There’s a big beach where a lot of locals hang out as wel on hot summer days. And you have another one, at Pllek in the North of the city. Here you have a bit of a beach vibe. Pllek is a restaurant where you can chill in beach chairs near the water. With a beer in your hand you never want to leave again. You get there by taking the ferry to NDSM. From there it’s a two minute walk.

Go to the Ice bar

Another fun activity is to visit the ice bar, near Rembrandt Square. It’s an actual bar made out of ice and you can enjoy drinks here. Be aware that you need to wear a jacket to enter the bar. But once you’re there it’s a true way of getting down your body temperature.

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