Tired of the city? Visit these beautiful villages in Zeeland!



Some tourists think Amsterdam and Holland are a synonym. But Holland has a lot more to offer than just our beautiful capital city. For example, our province Zeeland. This province is located in the south-east of Holland. Zeeland is well-known for its Delta Works. The Delta Works are a serie of construction works that protect our country from the sea. As the name would suggest, Zeeland is surrounded by sea. In this blog we share a couple of beautiful villages in Zeeland.



Zeeland is formed by different islands. Zoutelande is located on the middle island. Especially during the summer months Zoutelands is a popular place to be. It is also popular amongst people who like to hike, fish, bike and play sports like paragliding. The dunes of Zoutelande are the highest in the Netherlands. They protect Zeeland from the sea, but also the terraces of Zoutelande from wind. Because of that, Zoutelande is a pleasant place to be during mild spring days. Zoutelande has some shops and restaurants, but it is not too touristy. The song Zoutelande is an ode to this village.



Veere is a village with a lot of history, it was founded in the twelfth century. In the 16th century Veere was a wealthy place, because they had the sole right to import wool from Scotland. Many of the beautiful old buildings were built in this period. Nowadays Veere is mostly popular among tourists, because of its marina by the Veerse lake. There are a couple of museums in the centre of the village. You can also take a historic walk with a guide through Veere. A very popular tourist attraction near Veere is Neeltje Jans. This is one of the Delta Works in Zeeland. Neeltje Jans has its own museum about the Delta Works where you can learn all about Dutch water management.



If you like eating mussels and oysters, Yerseke is the place to be. Mussels from Yerseke are known to be the best in the world. Catching mussels and breeding oysters is the main income for most people in Yerseke. Some mussel and oyster companies in Yerseke offer tours, during which you are of course able to taste them. Most companies have a small independent shop where they sell their own fish. If you prefer dining out, there are plenty of options for nice fish restaurants in Yerseke.