What to do in Amsterdam

October boring? Not here! what to do in Amsterdam

What to do in Amsterdam in October or the rest of autumn? Well, there are still a lot of options even though the sun is out less! As there is a chance that the weather is bad enough to stay inside.. We’ve listed a few restaurants where you can eat proper food.

The Lobby

The Lobby is a restaurant located in Hotel V. This hotel is located near Dam Square. There’s also one location in the East of Amsterdam (Fizeaustraat). A lot of locals visit this restaurant and it keeps getting good reviews. The ambience is very nice. It’s cosy and the staff is always friendly. This is the perfect place for a brunch or lunch. You can ask for a glass of bubbels.. The menu is different every few months, though a few classics are always on there. Go for the eggs benedict of take a flammkuchen!

ADAM Tower

What to do in Amsterdam? The ADAM Tower is a tower you cannot miss! This tower is located in the North of the city and has a great view across the city. At the top of the building there a restaurant where you can have a dinner while enjoying the fantastic view. In this tower there are more floors to go to.. There a club and another restaurant as well! If you want to stay on ground level, then you can go to The Butcher which is a nice restaurant as well.


We stay in the Northern part of the city. Next to ADAM Tower, there’s the Tolhuistuin. This used to be a cantine of the company Shell! This is a big restaurant where they serve excellent food. It’s a shared dining restaurant, so you get to eat lots of different meals and flavors on one evening. Almost every week they have a concert downstairs. In the weekends during the day they have poetry afternoons or songwriters who perform.

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