A Valentine’s Day gift from Amsterdam

Spending Valentine’s day in Amsterdam can be very romantic. Going for a canal cruise, having candlelit dinner in one of the many restaurants and going for a romantic walk through the city. If you want to treat the one you love with a special gift, maybe we can inspire you. We have made a list of true Amsterdam gifts.

Valentine's Day

An experience in Amsterdam

If you’re visiting Amsterdam on holiday, it might not be the best idea to buy something big and bulky for your Valentine. There is always the option of jewellery, but we have an even better idea. Why not treat your loved one with an experience? Go to a concert while you’re in Amsterdam, or watch a football game in the Amsterdam Arena. An experience you will remember forever might be the best gift you can give someone.

Dutch souvenirs

Visiting Amsterdam is probably something you want to remember for a long time. So why not treat your loved one with a basket filled with Dutch goodies. Make sure to buy stroopwafels (the best ultra sweet cookies ever), liquorice, a piece of Gouda cheese and perhaps some other little gifts. Buying the souvenir basket without the other finding out might be the biggest challenge…

Dutch design

The Dutch are known for their unique designs. The I Amsterdam Store at Amsterdam central station sells gifts made by artisans and craftspeople from Amsterdam. For example they sell Cre8 jewellery. These pieces of jewellery are laser-cut or 3D-printed by disadvantaged youths. By buying a necklace or bracelet you support this good cause all at one.

Treat yourselves

A city trip is great fun, but can also be tiring. If you want to treat you and your partner, maybe a visit at an Amsterdam spa might be a good idea. There are numerous spas in and around Amsterdam where you can relax from a busy trip. Make sure to book a massage or a different kind of treatment, to make to most of your spa day.

Dutch cookbook

The Dutch might not be known for there refined cuisine, that doesn’t mean it can’t be tasty. If you want to try to cook Dutch cuisine back home, buy your loved one a Dutch cook book. Expect pancake puffs (poffertjes), hot lightning (hete bliksem) and ginger nuts (pepernoten). Don’t knock it till you try it!

Good luck finding the best Amsterdam gift for Valentine’s Day, but don’t worry: the trip will be a gift in itself!